Intelligent tiered storage technology

Intelligent data storage system is a set of data storage management system that collects different storage media and can cover the user's storage, backup, archiving and other businesses. It can help users to achieve automatic flow of the data in the system to fully embody the advantages of a variety of storage media. Compared with the traditional storage system, the system greatly reduces the user's cost and significantly reduces the system failure and data loss risk during the data migration so as to improve storage system operating efficiency.

diskette storage flash file optical backup
Data storage products

By applying the Amethyst technology from the data storage media technology to software system, we provide users with a safe, intelligent, powerful back-end storage system. At the same time, Amethyst storage products can achieve flexible scalability, increase user back-end system efficiency and help minimize the total cost of the system.

Data security products

Amethyst data security products provide security for the increasingly challenging and dangerous network world, protecting users' data from theft, tampering or forgery.

  • Data center
    Data center

    Data is the "core lifeline" of the business, and the security of the data is the last barrier. Amethystum can protect the security of user business data through the massive storage scalability and native untampered property of storage media. Amethyst storage data center solutions can also enrich the services for the data center users and significantly reduce the overall energy consumption of the storage system.

  • News Publishing
    News Publishing

    It connects the front-end media resource management system to provide audio and video low-code high- code term long-term archiving, and the quality access experience of low-quality online preview. In addition, it perfectly supports for “RBI download”, “image recognition” and other functions of the media system.

  • Geographic information
    Geographic information

    Use multi-media way, complete the management requirements of the data archiving, backup and remote disaster recovery. If the offline machine of a copy is mailed in the non-private network conditions, it can avoid the security risk in the data transmission process.

  • Medical treatment and health
    Medical treatment and health

    Provide a long-term medical data storage for more than 50 years, such as, PACS, electronic cases, etc. Combining HIS with PACS can provide 100% access hits. With the unified management search platform, users only need to manage the data without the need to manage the media.

  • News
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